A Full Guide on Terrazzo Tiles in the 21st Century

A Full Guide on Terrazzo Tiles in the 21st Century

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A quick background on the history of terrazzo tiles will include discarding the old array and welcoming the new trends with terrazzo tiles. In the years past, the terrazzo tiles had trended as the in0thing in interior decorations of floors and walls. Then it faded out. But there has been a new reemergence in recent years, this time with a tremendous level of creativity and beauty. This exquisite composite material is well-suited for the floor of both homes and offices. 

The components of the terrazzo tiles include particles and chips of marbles, granite, glass, quartz, and other brightly coloured stones. Meanwhile the word, terrazzo is an Italian word for terrace in English. At first, this word refers to the pavement of public places known for strength and durability, which also costs far less to manage and maintain than others. At the same time, contractors discovered that terrazzo tiles are easily adjustable, customizable and chic. 

Furthermore, it is easy to assume that these excellent products are only applicable in decorating the walls of schools, museums and other public places. These trendy terrazzo tiles take over almost all kinds of architectural designs in internal and external structures. At the same time, they are causing such a stunning impression that beats every expectation. Modern designers and builders are also discovering new and better ways to modernize terrazzo tiles for better styles. 

Ancient Uses of Terrazzo Tiles

Some historical records reveal that the earliest forms of terrazzo date back to the ancient Egyptian civilization. But the core development that has become widespread can clearly be traced to Venice in Italy. In Italy, terrazzo tiles remain a highly cost-effective alternative to the traditional methods of flooring structures. While arranging terrazzo tiles, they are usually placed next to each other in vertical and horizontal directions. 

This set of terrazzo tiles also has a mortar base that allows larger marble fragments to make complete sense before eventually sealing it up. After sealing the surface of the work, you may add polish to appear brighter. This design pattern became more prominent in the 18th Century to become such an iconic tower in Venice, Italy. A professional lead designer described this terrazzo set-up as being capable of stirring up the charm. On the other hand, it also allows such decorative terraces and walkways.

Later in the 1890s, terrazzo tiles become growingly popular into the 1920s, when they grew to be widespread. By 1930, terrazzo tiles are broken into the public space in the US when they became adopted in airports, schools, hotels and some other commercial places. And in 1958, the Hollywood Walk of Fame showed terrazzo at the big stage famously. Meanwhile, the most common type is the epoxy terrazzo tiles founded and sealed with the epoxy resin binder.

Modern Uses of Terrazzo

In the more recent years, terrazzo tiles have grown to become one of the most prominent ingredients in construction. Apart from the outdoor use of this set of elements, it is also applicable for countertops, backsplashes, furniture, wall tile, lighting and interior décor. While traditional benefits of terrazzo tiles still abound, the latest homeowners and designers are now going for the newest terrazzo tile designs and patterns.

At the same time, the modern terrazzo tile collection also shows that there is a more diversified use of these elements. Meanwhile, its use is accompanied by many other requests to incorporate the new styles into the client’s projects. However, the way to modernize the use of terrazzo tiles may often be accompanied by an increase in price. But the eventual value that the homeowner gets is usually worth the extra investment. 

Another way some of the pro decorators enhance modern tiling is through an increase in quality. In other cases, the contemporary styles often have better and more abundant colours than the rest. Therefore, decorators can find more deep colours that match the house colour of the client. As a result, the colour coordination enhances the acceptability of everyone who sees the terrazzo tiles in their while beauty. 

What are the Latest Innovations in Terrazzo Tiles?

In the past, the foundation element for casting the tiling mixture containing terrazzo is concrete. However, the modern making of terrazzo tiles involves using resin and traditional concrete or replacing it. Nevertheless, the resin option can be more expensive, but it often leaves a smoother and better quality finish than concrete. Another benefit of this new combination is its high resistance to scratches and cracking, prolonging its lifespan.

How Much Does Terrazzo Tiles Cost?

The standard terrazzo tiles cost begins from an average of £ 75 per square meter. But if any client or homeowner prefers a specialized creation of specific dimensions of the terrazzo tiles, then the cost may increase. Such bespoke terrazzo tiles can cost a premium amount of up to £ 250 per square metre, including the cost of laying the cast and polishing it. Below are some of the notable brands in the market that you should know.

  • Diespeker

Using DIespeker is an excellent choice for bespoke resin-set terrazzo tiles with a cost of £ 45 per square metre. It also appears in a clayey brown colour. 

  • Dzek

When you seek to have the best choice of terrazzo tiles for floor architectural design, then you should consider the Dzek. This product often combines resin with bright stones as the base of creating the terrazzo tiles. Meanwhile, a square metre of this Dzek designer can cost up to £ 300. 

  • Otto Tiles

The best choice of terrazzo tiles that can work for patterns of porcelain terrazzo tiles with good effect is the Otto tiles. These tiles originate from Rome and often appear in grey and dark grey colours with £140 per square meter.

  • Ca’Pietra

When you look forward to creating a hexagon shape from your terrazzo tiles, then you had better choose the Ca’Pietra porcelain terrazzo tiles. This ‘Pisa’ porcelain style of tile often appears in teal colour. The average cost is about £ 58.34 for a box containing 12 tiles. 

  • Mandarin Stone

The Mandarin Stone is the best choice for porcelain terrazzo effect tiles and is available in many online retail stores. For instance, the ‘Shard’ porcelain tile appears in green colour at the rate of £ 50.40 per square foot.